Monday, June 10, 2013

The first full day!

So, today is my second day in Miagen, and I woke up to this letter chilling in my mailbox:

Talk about awkward. And also, why would the dude tell me to keep it a secret if he didn't even tell me who he was! I can't very well keep a secret I don't even know.

As a bit of a town update, there was a space at the top of Miagen roped off for some character named Lucha. I suppose I'll find out who she (or he?) is tomorrow once their house is built. ^ ^ In addition to that, I paid off my loan on the little dinky house the size of the starting house in all the previous Animal Crossing games. 39 800 Bells for that piece of junk! (I also got stung by a bee, as you can see. Two, actually, even though I posted a respectable 3 for 5 bees caught in 5 opportunities. Not bad for day two.)

It turns out that I'll have to wait at least a day in order to get the town permit for which I worked hard today. In doing so, I had to take this picture of Isabelle, who apparently gets less than an hour of sleep every night. O.o Poor dog! If only I could fish to pass the time.

Oh wait. I can't. The stupid Nookling Junction stocked a bug net and a shovel two. Days. In. A. Row.

I was happy to see that some new flower friends exclusive to New Leaf decided to pop up in my town this morning, as well! :) Some very pretty purple violets that I just had to transplant in order to better showcase their epicness. The little garden that I've got going on in front of my house, here, won't be permanent, just something to brighten up my otherwise unspectacular home. >w< At least I'm getting a new roof tomorrow.

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