Sunday, June 9, 2013

And thus... a Miagen was born!


It's finally here and I'm sufficiently satisfied that I didn't get an ugly character. (Even though she looks nothing like me; at least I can mess with her hair and eye colour later on.) Also, please ignore the reflection of my phone... -_- I took this picture (and some others) in the car on my way home, so the lighting wasn't brilliant. ^ ^ I'll be using my Galaxy S4 for pictures because I find the picture quality much better than the in-game screenshots.

So, starting villagers. Big Top and Bluebear are Wild World classics and the rest are new to me! Violet is the made-up pink gorilla, Bruce is the little blue goat, and Molly (who got cut off in this picture, unfortunately) is an ADORABLE brown ducky. Honestly, she's SO cute. From the taste of life in New Leaf that I've experienced thus far, this installment of Animal Crossing is almost un-improvable. I can't find a single thing about it that I dislike enough to be disappointed. (Except waiting for all the stores to move in on Main Street, but I'm just super impatient. xD)

Of course, in the same day, I managed to pay Nook the meager 10 000 Bells to get myself a real house built tomorrow. The tent that you live in for the first day seriously gets old fast. I also managed to get my hands on quite a few of those fruity-themed shirts that I love so much, such as the watermelon shirt seen above, which has become a tank top. As has the strawberry shirt and the citrus shirt that I know of. Main Street is still pretty empty, though, as far as stores go, because there's really only a post office, the Nookling Junction (the Nook's Cranny, Timmy and Tommy style), Nook's Homes, and the Able Sisters. Oh, and a museum with nothing in it, as usual.

Looks like I'll have to wait a while for that hair and eye upgrade.


I really picked the perfect spot for my house; right beside the river and waterfall, with a path to the beach just a few steps forward! Nights in Miagen are so beautiful. ^ ^ Well, that is, until you get attacked by a tarantula and black out. That was indeed a traumatic experience.

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