Thursday, February 27, 2014

ライオン @ 2800-1841-9922

This Dream Address was another revisit! ^-^ This time, I went to the town of ライオン, which loosely translates to "Lion" I think. Clearly, some time-traveling going on here, seeing as April 9th, 2014 has not occurred in the real world yet. c:

I was rather impressed upon first landing at the plaza in my warping bed--the plaza was cleanly paved and some effort had invariably gone into planning these exact conditions for the saving of the dream. Plus, the gift of a paper umbrella was left for me, and I just love receiving presents in dreams! :D Also, the lion tiles laid out to spell "LION" was pretty cool. Nice touch. (I did a pretty crappy job of photographing the shot with the "O" and the "N", though... The town tree is the "O" in case that wasn't apparent. :s )

THIS. Yay, continuity! This little scene, complete with the centrally-located cube sculpture, looks exactly like something I'd find in this sort of town. This person keeps the theme very consistent throughout their town as well--and the dreamies have a theme of their own, too: Lions!

The first house I explored was customized to the imperial theme on the outside, and that appears to have been carried over to the inside as well. ^^ A Chinese restaurant, perhaps? Regardless, I found this to be one of the most beautiful houses I believe I will ever see, and I'll tell you why: First, I would not be surprised to encounter this house's twin in real life; second, everything is so meticulously and intentionally placed; and third, the creator was not afraid to just use a simple red carpet of their own creation instead of a tangible carpet and it looks BEST this way.

I went exploring a little more after that first house, making my way down to the beach where I found the kind offering of an orange wetsuit! :D I put it on, as you can see, but I'm not sure it's exactly my colour... Think I like my white wetsuit better, ahaha. c:

I also met one of my four remaining dreamies, Rosie. <3 In addition to Rosie, I'm only missing Filbert, Hugh, and Yuka as of right now. Miagen's dream neighbour roster is getting close to being complete! Until then, I will have to be content with meeting my lovelies in dreams.

This permanent camper that I found to the northeast was very fitting for the area as well--as you might expect, he was located right near the campsite PWP, in a peaceful forest-y setting. His tent is decorated all nice inside, too. ^^ (The cherry blossom season in April is an especially effective time for a perma-camper, I find. Who wouldn't be camping at that time of year?!) I'm rather jealous of how green this person has managed to keep their town as well, or at least the parts that need to be green. Speaking as someone whose town seems to have a lot of brown spots that simply won't grow grass... Mmmmph. :c However, personally, I could do without the rainbow-striped rectangular patches like the one you see right in front of the tent in the picture above. (Are they supposed to be towels? I don't even know. 'Cause they don't look enough like towels to justify being there, I feel...)

The next house I went into was, quite clearly from the first room I entered, a schoolhouse.

Once again, meticulously designed. Very impressive. Like, the creator even went so far as to put a slingshot on someone's desk (probably the intended "troublemaker") for shooting pieces of eraser and other small objects at the teacher. (Not very nice, but hey, it happens.) There is also a small principal's office to the back, a science lab to the right, a nurse's office to the left, and a music room in the basement to complete the theme. :) (Bah, to be perfectly honest, I find the nurse's office is a little more cluttered than what I believe is necessary, but that's just nitpicking~)

Now, this house, I believe, is the mayor's house. (I don't exactly remember, though--I revisited this town over a week ago now.) The mayor's house would be a good bet, though, because of this House of Commons-type deal in the rightmost room. And if that's truly what this room is, then that's got to be a relatively original idea. I mean, I've never seen or heard of anyone doing anything quite like it...

I did find the other rooms in this house to be rather redundant, however. There was a kitchen (in back, I think?) that we'd already seen in the Chinese restaurant house. And I mean, I know every house needs a kitchen in theory, but technically every house needs a bathroom in theory, too. I haven't seen any of those in this town. Even more unnecessary was the second casino. I actually don't have any ideas as to why there are two of those.

The upstairs room was interesting, though. I haven't a clue what it's supposed to be, but I was mildly amused by the placement of a watermelon chair behind the campfire to make it look like some tribal dude is roasting a watermelon over an open fire. xD

So, all in all, a pretty gosh darn neat town. Definitely one I would recommend to others to visit, both for house design and landscaping alike. Lovely work, creator of ライオン.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

アヒャこ @ 3300-0197-4819

I've decided that since I have a bit of time on my hands in the mornings while in France (and it's, like, anywhere between 12:00 and 4:00am in Miagen) I will dream and create posts specifically for my dreams. :) News on Miagen will commence again soon, since I'm almost to the point where I want to start showing progress on Miagen's new direction. ;)

So, we start with the lovely town of アヒャこ, of which I obtained the Dream Address from my friend Jasper a while ago. Update activity happened fairly recently (Feb. 2nd, 2014) although it didn't appear to have changed a lot since I visited before. I didn't take any pictures then, but now that I have, let's get started~

The town itself was not overly spectacular, I found. It was decent, don't get me wrong, but there wasn't that WOW! factor that I've gotten from other towns. Like, the dreamies didn't have a theme or anything, and it's best when the dreamies have a theme, imo. I REALLY like themes. I do, however, commend the effort it must have taken to get all the houses squished onto one side of the town like that. Not an easy thing to do. 

These two shots to the left are two of the spots in town that I chose to highlight, though, because they were, admittedly, well-put-together locations. The campsite (top) is nestled up in a nook of the river, between a cliff and the pond. It's contained by a row of bushes, with its own personal bridge, a campfire, a couple of stump chairs, and a windmill in the background. How cute--I'd camp there! The Japanesy-type area (below) is also super-kawaii, especially the addition of stepping stones! If you look in the back, there's the Japanese train station and (not shown in the picture) to the right, there's the Japanese town hall. (And the Japanese mayor's house just right of that.) The thing that really gets my goat about this town, though, is that right below this tranquil setting is a paved park, with a bunch of very un-tranquil things, such as the video screen PWP and the jungle gym-type thing. So, yeah, even just that kinda ruins the whole atmosphere. D: Now, the HOUSES, though...

This is the first house that I went into, the first in a line of identically-exteriored houses in the north of town. Upon first inspection, it appears to be a hotel with a rather magnificently done foyer.

Upon closer inspection, the various rooms seem to be hotel rooms that showcase various Gracie sets! The back room boasts the sweets series (top), the left room has the Gracie series (left), the right room houses the gorgeous series (right) and the upstairs room contains the princess series (bottom).

...And down below, there's a full-out kitchen and dining area! So much white... o.O Regardless, not much more to say about this, except that it's a very nice kitchen. Very food. Much eats. Wow.

The second house in line has a convenience store interior with a similar layout to its congruent neighbours. It makes one think that the layout of the rest of the rooms will be similar, too. (And go figure, they are. c: )

This time, we have "pseudo-Gracie" series on display in the hotel rooms! In the back room, we have the regal series customized to have blue accents (top), in the left room is uncustomized rococo furniture (left), in the right room is alpine furniture customized to have a leaf design (right) and the upstairs room holds VERY chic silver-customized modern furniture. (Super cool, will be using some of that myself later~)

Ah, the downstairs. :] I was impressed with the basement of this house when visiting when I first got the Dream Address, and it still impresses me now.

It's a bathhouse! How creative! And so cute: the person did a wonderful job. :)

The last foyer of the house-triplets is a library! And a beautiful one at that! :D This is honestly adorable: there are little reading nooks with tables and chairs between the bookcases that you can't really see in the picture. (Sorry!)

And as it should just so happen, the room layout follows the same pattern as the other two! Out back is the trump series, which is technically a Gracie series, but it didn't fit in the other house I suppose xD (top), to the left is the Pave series (left), to the right is the egg series (right) and upstairs is the sloppy series (bottom). And a huge page taken out of Aika Village's book with that last one: Hypno K.K. is playing in the sloppy room!!

The library's basement is a balloon casino of sorts. ;) Well-put together: I mean, a casino is by no means an original idea, but this appears to be a good one, at least. I like how the stools resemble billiard balls, whether that was the intention or not.

Lastly, I just have a couple of shots of the mayor's house. :) The foyer was Japanese themed (and to be brutally honest, looked almost exactly like every other Japanese home I've ever seen--and that's a lot) so I decided again taking a picture. The room to the left, though, is what appears to be a fast food restaurant, and I quite like how this one was set up. (Might have to mooch a bit of inspiration off this one, eh?) Also, the basement was an unexpected little tropical scene. Not much more to say. Trop mignon, n'est-ce pas?

Monday, August 5, 2013

I actually have a LOT of pictures this time

As soon as I finished summer school, off I went on vacation, so I couldn't post earlier, unfortunately. Whoops! It seems I'm doomed to infrequent posting from here on out. Sorry and stuff. :p

Okay, so, my motivation for posting now is a) I have a lot of pictures to get off of my phone, like I mentioned and b) I'M LOCKED OUT OF MY OWN TOWN! I casually loaded up my game this morning and Bruce was trotting around on the main screen, as per usual. But then, he moved a little to the left and someone had moved in RIGHT SMACK IN THE CENTRE OF MY PATH. I almost had a heart attack and I quickly closed the software. Thank goodness I didn't load a character. Fun fact: you can change the location of a villager's moving-in-spot if you DON'T LOAD A PLAYER. So I'm stuck out of my town until one of my stupid villagers passes the spot with the roped-off space so I can make sure it's in a new location that I like.

Of course, I also could make a new player that I could save the game with when the new villager's in a new spot. And then just delete them after. But that leaves ugly dirt that I don't want, so that's a bit of a last resort. In fact, I already had to put up with this once:

Unfortunately, I didn't see this before I logged on. Opal's location destroyed three fruit trees and two violets. This, however, was small potatoes compared to what I saw on the title screen. An entire segment of my path was GONE. And with the fruit trees, flowers, shrubs, and the actual path itself, every square of the plot wiped something. I hope it's not still there...

But I digress.

A little while ago, I found an awesome white tigress in my tent named Bianca. I really wanted her in my town, but because I kept losing at her silly games, she kept deciding not to move in!

But I got her eventually, heheheh! >:)

Work on an illuminated park that I've been piecing together southwest of the town hall is going pretty well. I just need more pink hybrids. (My town totally favours orange! >_< )

I really like that illuminated heart, though. To the left is Estel of Citàlune and I in the heart, and to the right, it's me and a cicada shell. ;)

I'm also really impressed with the incorporation of coloured lighting in New Leaf. From outside, you can see blue through my window. :)

And even indoors. I know this is a super-empty room right now, but I need a Fishing Tourney to occur so I can begin to collect the furniture series I want in here. My front room will change with the season -- underwater is only my summer theme!

Also, I don't know if it's just me, but I've noticed my game lagging a bit more than when I first got it, along with some other teensy glitches. Possibly just because I've created so much more data on the cartridge than when it was new and empty?

Like, tree, go home. You're drunk. I have NEVER seen this before. How does this even come to be?

And Lucha the hole-dweller. I don't know how this happened either. I want to say I dug a hole and he just stepped right on top of it, but I just don't even know.

Ooooh, I should probably talk about the more exciting, milestone-like occurrences in Miagen recently. ^ ^

Squeeee! My town tree grew! I can actually sit underneath it now. :D I was surprised it had as much history as it did to recount. Miagen still seems so fresh to me...

Aaaaand, I got my first mannequin! Unlike everyone else, it seems, I don't buy out my stores every day. I don't, and never have, bought just to sell again. I don't like to. So my catalog only gets filled up with stuff I like and neighbour gifts. :x

The lovely T.I.Y. came as well! I love having a random K.K. Slider song to buy each day and I also love the two shrub-starts that Leif stocks now.

Last, but not least, Bluebear came through for me like she did with the illuminated PWPs and suggested a police station! I wish I hadn't JUST started that ~400 000 Bell lighthouse, like, the day before... It'll be awhile before the police station is installed, I guess. :s

Also, like I mentioned earlier, in addition to Bianca, Opal moved in from a tent encounter! She's a really polite snooty, actually, which contrasts Blanche very nicely. Blanche is rather a rude snooty, see. c:

And now it's time for the Creeper Countdown with Lucha, the part of the blog where Lucha comes out and says... some creepy things.


Okay. I mean, a friend COULD say this. But it's not likely. Although at number 5 on the Creeper Countdown, it's still a little unnerving. Like, you don't say that to someone, bud.


Er... "Weird..." indeed. This makes me uncomfortable. I actually don't want people thinking of me. And then writing me cryptic letters about it. At number 4, things are getting creepier.


I actually hear this one a LOT from him. Even if the gift isn't creepy, the way he's giving it to me CERTAINLY is. Like, "That's for you and you alone" ? This is number 3 due to the sheer implications of this comment. Um, I'm just going to run away now...


I MIGHT have been able to let this go if he'd inquired about a female villager. But no. Not one, but BOTH of my female player characters were subject to Lucha's inquiry. I've got news for you, you nosy bird - it's impossible for Micah to have a relationship with girls he's never even met! At number 2, there's only one thing that's creepier than this...


EXCUSE ME?! Get. Out. Of. My. Town. NOW. Why would you write such a thing and actually send it? Remember, this game is rated E for all ages. This disturbing letter is at number 1 because of, well, obvious reasons.

This countdown was brought to you by A Very Confused and Unsettled Mayor that would really like to know why smug villagers insist on making your poor player uncomfortable. Are all smug neighbours this creepy? If so, I don't want 'em!

And of course, since yesterday was my first New Leaf fireworks show, Miagen's first fireworks show, and the first fireworks show of 2013, I have some pictures to document the evening. ;)

The wardrobes of the evening? I think so. :)

And, as I'm sure you all saw, the fireworks!

Also, Lucha? This is how you OUGHT to flirt.

And that's about all for now! I actually have time to MYSELF this week, so I should be able to get in another blog post (hopefully) before I scoot off for another week to my dad's cottage.

P.S. I was allowed back into my town when I saw that Ruby (my new neighbour) had placed her plot in a more desirable space. Still not great, but not interfering with any paths, at least. Ugh.