Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mostly a lot of landscaping (and the Summer Solstice)

Yes, there certainly was a lot of landscaping. And during some clear-cutting, I found a heart-patterned stump! Of course, I left it there since apparently cool stump designs grow mushrooms around them in the fall. Or so I've heard. But anyway, I'm constructing a flower path around my town to lead to all the major attractions (Re-Tail, Town Hall, Mayor's House, etc.) so I've been taking a LOT of gardening tours for all the violets. ;)

Micah finally got his wetsuit. xD I kind of like that picture, actually -- I used the sports setting on my phone and it blurred the background, but kept the subject stagnant. Which is nice. :3

I also got two more badges with my mayor character. I'm a little surprised my sister got the Village Representative one before me; it seems my light's always red before hers!

Then, of course, being the Summer Solstice and all, I had to take a picture with my face in the photo board. :) I really should've had Ryann over to fill in the empty sun, because it looks sorta pathetic with just me in there. Bruce was hanging around earlier -- why didn't you take the other spot, Bruce?

THE CATALOG. IS. HERE. It's an organized little red station in the corner of the T&T Mart (which stocks TWO fortune cookies -- I'll never be able to keep up with Play Coins!) Kicks actually moved in the day after this (took him 3 days) and I bought some lovely new orange sandals and black leggings! :D

 I woke up this morning and came outside, and who should be standing there, but the very comedian I'd been waiting for!

I was able to get Dr. Shrunk's signatures and allow him to start Club LOL before lunchtime! THIS MEANS K.K.

 Aaaand I had the ceremony for the Dream Suite that I couldn't have yesterday due to the Solstice. It's almost like I'm being welcomed as mayor all over again!

Sometimes snooping pays off!!! When I looked in her dresser, it said that I found a dusty old large bookcase. (How one of those would fit in that tiny little bureau, I wouldn't know...) But then, Blanche got mad at me for snooping (apparently) and then randomly gave me the large bookcase that I found. I was like, OMG, because Molly (I think) has this thing in her house and it is absolutely PERFECT for my planned Rococo room! So into the room it went; now I have a sofa and a bookcase. c: Making progress.


  1. Hi Cassidy. I don't have a blog so I'll have to post as "Anonymous". Sorry about that! Anyways, this is Jasper, the guy you met on Club Tortimer from the town of Windfall! I've been trying to contact you by using Swapnotes, but you haven't been replying for some reason. Would it be alright for me to come visit Miagen? I feel like I've been asking this too much, sorry about that!

  2. Aaah, I'm so sorry! I do remember your status saying something about Swapnotes, but I'd just gone to my dad's where there's no WiFi, so I couldn't check anything! I'd love for you to come to Miagen, though! ^ ^ I'll take a look at Swapnotes on Wednesday when I get back to my mom's and you can visit sometime between Wednesday and Friday?

  3. Hey! I have Rococo stuff and if you want, I could let you catalog it. :) I'm a friend of Ryann's.

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  5. And aren't you my friend already? Sorry. I had the wrong spelling in the previous comment.

    1. Oh, hey, I know you! :D I don't believe we are friends yet, however, since Ryann wasn't going to give me your FC without permission. ;) I'd be glad to be friends, now, though! My FC is 1564 - 2275 - 8567.

      I would be delighted to catalog the rococo you've offered! Thanks so much for offering! If you're available sometime today, maybe we (plus Ryann) could WiFi?

    2. Sure! I'm here most of the day today. My FC is 4253-3678-2563. Tell me a time that could work for both of you. I believe I still remember your time zone.

    3. I talked to Ryann and she said 1:30 pm our time would be fine. :) So, I think that would be 10:30 am your time, if you're three hours back. Sound good?