Friday, June 14, 2013

A bit of an overdue post...

'Kay, so, this post is going to cover yesterday and the day before that's events, because somehow I've managed not to blog for the past two days! o.O

I found Gulliver washed up here this morning after Lucha so kindly mentioned that he'd seen a birdy dude lying on the beach. xD I love how Nintendo programmed Gulliver in this game -- he gives you a description of a location and then asks you what you think it is. He gives you the option to pick between 4 countries... and if you guess right, he'll give you a national item! =D The answer to mine was China, so I got a lovely red-tasseled lantern that I hung above the throne Bluebear gave me. <3

I FINALLY GOT TO GO TO THE ISLAND TODAY! The minute-long boat ride there is always a bit awkward, though, I've found. Kapp'n is SO WEIRD. I mean, chewing a ship?! That's just nonsense! Why even bring it up?

I had a great time on the island, though. It's awesome there -- so much you can do! I caught so many rare beetles (which are EVERYWHERE) including the golden stag beetle. It's apparently rare enough to get a "Whoa!" from my character, so I guess that's an accomplishment. :) I also went on some island tours -- those things are legit cool. You can even get flowers and fruit from the tour islands to take home!

The next morning, the suspension bridge that I paid off two days ago is built! Isabelle wants to celebrate its being, so she makes me shoot off a streamer while she and Bruce watch and clap. Unfortunately, I took the picture at an awkward time, so it looks like I'm whacking myself in the face with the streamer... Whoops. (It's also a little embarrassing that Bruce was the only one there besides Isabelle and me, because he's the only other one who helped pay the thing off. :s)

Oh, and Phineas was here yesterday, as well, except I only got two badges. :(

But the thing that was most exciting about yesterday, I think, is that I decided to move in a guy character as my second player. Micah! See, there was various new clothing that I liked in New Leaf that was too masculine for my mayor character (among other things), so now I have this guy! However, this means now I have TWO houses to pay off...

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