Monday, July 1, 2013

'Tis July at last!

And this was what reminded me. xD Cicadas and their cacophony of NOISE. It's the voice of summer in Animal Crossing, though, so I shan't complain too much. An easy five (six, including the shells) entries to my bug encyclopedia!

Shampoodle is also on its third day of construction today, which means I can finally get everyone's hair done! :D

And, of course, Timmy and Tommy are closing up shop for a second time to upgrade to the Super T&T!

But I'm really getting ahead of myself here. Maybe I should start from the beginning of the three or so days I missed.

Indeed, Club LOL moved in and I was able to get three K.K. songs on Saturday night, plus emotes in the preceding mornings!

As of now, I have four emotes with each of my characters, only a fragment of the selection possible. And to think, in previous games, my emote roster for every character would already be full at four!

I also scooted back to Windfall Saturday night to watch Jasper's epic Modern Clock ring in 7:00. It's pretty legit -- the clock makes this portal sound and glows rainbow! It was just so uncanny that I had to see it myself. c:

At some point last weekend, I also visited a beautiful town named ナナメ. For the most part, the pictures speak for themselves of this town's wonder and awe:

The town tree SPOKE to me, it was so large. It recounted the entire history of the town while I sat beneath its branches. I can't even sit under my town tree, at the moment. It's too small and pathetic, with no stories to tell yet. :(

I was also quite taken with the mayor's house. Their front foyer is, I do believe, the most wonderful and mysterious room I have ever seen in an Animal Crossing home. The concert venue they constructed in the basement is also incredibly well-wrought. SUCH a spectacular house. :')

They even had Pokémon Mystery Dungeon-style stairs patterned on the ground in various locations! ナナメ, may I have you? D:

This last thing I have here is another example of how witty and well-scripted this game is. Violet was randomly ranting to me about travelling while I was young, and then she said this about herself afterwards. I never took Violet for an old lady, but I found this funny all the same. :D


  1. Mystery Dungeon is a good game, but I don't like it when my partner is ahead of me and then they faint. >:I

  2. Wow, that town tree really is incredible! Ahh, I look forward to ours being that large, but that'll probably be a good while... hopefully we can at least sit under them soon!
    I really like that mysterious room with the wildflower floor too! It does give the impression that there's some story behind it, which is really neat, letting your imagination run wild.
    It's so good to have Shampoodle and emotions now, finally some more character customization :D I love the emotion Saffron got, it's the one that your character does when receiving medals from island tours!