Saturday, July 20, 2013

Well, that was a long wait

I think an explanation is in order.

I've been in summer school taking an advanced English credit for the past few weeks. I wish I could have posted, but I just haven't had the TIME. But anyway, posts should be regular again until further notice, because I'm just wrapping up some summatives. Of course, since I've missed about 20 days, I'm not going to report on EVERY day, but I'll do a general summary.

I dedicated some of my limited time to catching nice, summery things with the players that aren't Cassidy. Because, as of late, they have not been getting a lot of love. At all.

Also, I dressed my mayor character up a little. Usually, I just have her wear random things, but I actually put some thought into this outfit. Unfortunately, she doesn't look good in too many dresses. :s

I also went to visit Cheryl of BlueBell sometime a while back. (Yes, even though her town's date says today, I'm pretty sure it wasn't today...) Her house is just... I don't even have words for the splendor of this estate. I hope it hasn't changed since I've seen it last. It's PERFECT.

And her paths are also. I especially like how she softened the harsh diagonal of the path with shrubbery. I rarely copy other people's ideas entirely, but I might have to copy this one. ;)

We also hung out in Cheryl's rococo room for quite a while, playing with emotes and messing around. :D At this point, I didn't even have my own gothic rococo room!

We also toured a bit to cap off the stay in BlueBell. That was an incredibly fun Wi-Fi, though, Cheryl -- sorry I didn't thank you sooner!

I also went to an amazing town via the Dream Suite sometime last week. I'll get back to you with the town name and Dream Address on the "Recommended Dreams" sidebar when I have them both. This town blew me completely away, though. It was just so unbelievably done. I BADLY wanted to get some of those patterns, but Wendell was nowhere to be found. >_<

One of the houses in the above town had a wheat field (that you can actually walk in!) for a front room and a midnight quarry-type thing for a basement. Simple, but very cool.

What seems like a long time ago to me now, Brewster moved in with The Roost. Cassidy and Saffron are both serving coffee now (Micah keeps forgetting to get coffee) and both girls have just received siphons from Brewster. :)

Oh, and this. To think I thought it couldn't get any worse than Scat. I put my foot down this time, though, and told her that no, she could NOT call me Shmoopy.

This past Tuesday, Redd came, and it was obvious that this ancient statue was a fake. If you look, it's got PUPILS! My sister thought it was so funny, so I added it to the picture reel. Admittedly, I think it's kinda funny, too.

One last thing. My turnip prices yesterday made me kick myself so hard. 616 Bells! And I had NO turnips. Neither did Ryann, and I was out of Wi-Fi range, so it just went to a pathetic waste. The moral of the story --  always buy turnips. If I do, I'm sure I'll get a profit from SOMEONE'S town at some point throughout the week.

Actually, I lied. THIS is the last thing. I'll be putting up a separate page for character info, where I'll post pics of them, their houses, etc. Because Cassidy's estate is starting to shape up nicely, if I do say so myself. c:


  1. I missed your posts, and I'm glad you're back! :D Totally understandable about the summer school, of course, things like that have to come first!

    Aww, that picture of your character is so pretty :) I love the dress and how it looks with the pink lily in your hair (and all those hybrids in the background!).

    I like how you report on the dream towns you visit, and how they're lesser known ones that are still cool to visit. Sometimes I see the same dream towns being passed around, and I wonder if there are other good ones out there to visit that aren't as well-known. So your blog is helpful for that ^_^ Love the midnight quarry room!

    Congratulations on building the cafe! And aww, that's a shame about the turnips. I wonder if I'll regret not buying turnips this week (probably -_-). I didn't get to play this morning, and I think Joan leaves at noon.

  2. I finally found New Leaf at the store today but I can't buy it so I'm in a big slump <_<

    ?, Mayrida